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Email Marking Timing

When is the Best Time to Send Email? Email timing matters.

Studies show when you send your email at the right time your open and click through rates improve. The question becomes – “When is the best time and best day to send your emails?” Let’s look at some data from email service providers as well as case studies on the topic. – MailerMailer reports:

Open rates peak according to MailerMailer on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

– Retention Science reports:
Emails sent in the afternoon and evening deliver higher conversion rates. 65% of email conversions (meaning the email is opened, the call to action is clicked and the sale takes place) occur later in the day. 38% of emails convert in the afternoons and 27% convert in the evenings.

Tuesday and Friday generate the highest conversions
– 28% conversions on Tuesday
– 26% conversions on Friday.

– Experian reports: Emails sent late in the day from 8pm to midnight have the highest opens, clicks and ROI. Experian also found weekend emails deliver the highest revenue per email due to the overall lower volume of sent email.

After the weekends, Mondays had the best return.

– Getresponse reports: Top email response times between 8am -10am and 3pm – 4pm.

Getresponse found Tuesday emailings have the highest open rate but Friday emailings have the highest click through rate.

So based on these reports what do you think is the best time and day? Is later in the day better, are mornings the best or is it the afternoon? And is Tuesday the best day to send? Or Friday? Or perhaps the weekend?

With so much different data being reported the question becomes not what is best overall but rather what is the best day and time for your specific emails? When should your email your subscribers?

The simple fact is the best time is different for every subscriber on your list. While early morning may be better for some of your list, afternoons could be better for the other half. You have to decide on an approach to your email campaigns and then determine the best time for that approach.

You have 4 main emailing options:

– Option One: Test to determine the best time to email your list. Run tests on timing to find the most “optimal” time. To run the test you first need to decide what is most important metric for a a successful emailing.

1) Opens
2) Clicks
3) Conversions

Then A/B/C/D split your list into at least 4 groups and send during these 4 times:

6am – 12pm
12pm – 6 pm
6pm – 12am
12am – 6am

Repeat this test for each day of the week.
Track the results to determine which time is the most effective time for your goal. Run the test more than once with different campaigns to ensure you select the best option.

– Option Two: Segment your list based on subscriber’s time of response. Another approach is to track when each of your subscribers actually opens and clicks on your messages. Then segment your list based upon those times.

Your tracking will show you when your subscriber is actively opening and clicking on your message. Send your email to your subscribers during their active times.

You could create 4 (or more) time segments for your list.
* Opens/clicks email between 6am – 12pm
* Opens/clicks email between 12pm – 6 pm
* Opens/clicks email between 6pm – 12am
* Opens/clicks email between 12am – 6am

Segment your list based upon your subscribers active time and set-up your campaign mailings to be delivered during that time. Repeat the test for each day of the week.

Track the results to determine which day and time are the most effective for reaching your goal.

– Option Three: Send only high value emails. Send better content and ignore timing your email delivery completely. If the value of your email content is extremely high, marketers will tell you it does not matter when you send.

You can send on Sunday at 4:23am and your subscribers will see it’s a message from you and respond whenever they open up their email box.

You make the focus of your email campaigns on quality content not on exact timing. Option Four: Use triggered email campaigns. Deliver only triggered emailings rather than broadcast messages to your list.

Behavior-triggered emails eliminate the question of best time for emailing a list because it’s the subscribers actions – such as an info request, cart abandonment, a purchase, posting of a review, birthday card, purchase anniversary, etc. that determines the send time.

A certain action triggers an automated (autoresponder) message series to be sent to the subscriber. The autoresponder delivers the message immediately upon the initial action and then follows-up at that same time of day in the future.

Using triggered emails only for your email program allows the subscribers’ behavior to tell you when to send them email.

Now you know when to email your list. I hope you enjoyed reading

Rachid B.

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