The Smart Way To Make Money Online ?>

The Smart Way To Make Money Online

I will tell you how to make money online, the smart way.

Make Money Online - Affiliate Marketing.

1. Write down everything you are interested in, you have 3 minutes.
2. Write down everything you good at, again you have 3 minutes
3. Find out the top searches on Google and Bing over the last 12 months.

Before we go further. We’re looking for a niche, a niche with a sub niche to be exact. Every search made on the Internet is for a solution to a problem. People that solve problems make money.

Affiliates connect people with problems to people with solutions. Because their is no limit to problems and possible solutions connectors makes a lot of money.

The problem is this. The Internet is big, theirs a lot of people, a lot of big money, and a lot of noise.

Our advantage is size. We can move faster and have a narrower focus.

4. How can your skills and interest from steps one and two be applied to the top searches from step 3?

This is what can I do, what do I want to learn. In fact it’s what do I want to master? Because if I want to make money, online or anywhere, I’m going to have to be a master at something. Making the right choice is important because you are going to spend a lot of time with it.

Some will say you can’t make money from specializing in one thing. Those people are probably broke!

5. Define your purpose, it can’t just be money.

Money is an effect of solving a problem for people. Solve a lot of problems get a lot of money. here’s the thing though. If you don’t like the problem your solving its impossible to solve it for a lot of people, therefore making it impossible to make a lot of money. This is nature, a law of the universe.

So to help us makes lots of money we employ purpose. The purpose is what will drive us to do the things that will make money. For instance, I use the Internet and numbers to help people make money. My purpose is to help people and have people think I’m awesome. Wanting to be awesome, wanting to be an example to my followers, and wanting to piss off haters is what gets me up at 4:30 am after going to bed at 2:30am. When things get hard and boring, I have purpose, purpose makes me do things that result in money.

Look at all the people that went to school, accumulated thousands of dollars in debt, and now do something not even remotely related to their degree. What’s even worse is these people are typically working dead end jobs. Jobs that will never make them enough money to settle the debt from their school loans. How did they wind up here? They didn’t have a clear and definite purpose when they started school. Things got hard and they probably changed their major. Some dropped out. Some finished but didn’t take the next logical step.

Clear and definite purpose makes us to the things we need to do in order to reach the objects we want to reach. Direction and motivation is a result of purpose.

So we have

• Purpose
• Interest
• A niche

6. Dissect the niche for smaller niches.


online marketing, huge niche, training about online marking, huge niche in a huge niche. Strategic development of Internet consumers? Exactly I focus on how to get people to buy what your selling using mathematics and military business principles. Boom! I’m the Patton in your product or service.

7. Start writing and sourcing content about your niche on your site.

Be very very very focused. Focus makes us experts, when people hire someone they are looking for an expert that solve their problem, they want someone that gets results.

8. Build your mailing list.

Collect email address from people that visit your site. Don’t send them junk mail and offers to sell them stuff everyday though. Send them stuff that will help them solve the problem they were trying to solve when they found your site in the first place.

9. Sell advertising space.

When you hit 1000 visits a day sell space on your website for adds. When your mailing list hits a thousand subscribers, then sale a space on your newsletter. If you don’t have a newsletter start one. Make sure it’s full of free info that people can use to solve their problem. Then when you have something to sell, or you recommend something p. They will trust you, when people trust you they vote with their money.

10. Developed your own product, white label, or resell someone else’s product.

Don’t sale garbage or you will be black listed, your followers and customers will leave you, and they will tell everyone.

That’s it. Now you have built a business online that makes money. One that Google can’t destroy in 5 minutes with an algorithm update. Nothing beats real people talking about a real expert that they trust. This is the difference between 30k a month. And 100k a month.

Make your goal to learn something and helping others get what they want and you will be rich, this is another law of the universe.

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