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Solo ad questionnaire
Solo ad questionnaire

– Are you buying solo ads?

– Are you just trusting words vendors on facebook posts?

– Are you getting good results.

Solo ads are when you pay someone with an email list to send an email to their subscribers promoting your website. Usually that’ll be a squeeze page and your job is to capture their email addresses.

Now you can market to them. You can sell them useful and relevant information and in return they’ll pay your bills. Put food on the table and a roof over your house.

A good deal really.

Solo Ads are paid traffic and best of all, it’s ultra-targeted traffic.

For example if you have a product on Labrador Dogs and find someone with a list of pet owners then a small percentage of people might be interested.
You get a little warmer if you find a list owner with subscribers only interested in dogs. Not a larger percentage will want what you have to say.


If you find a email list purely for Labrador owners then that is ultra-targeted. Your product is potential relevant to every single person on that list. Your response rates will go through the roof and you stack the odds of success in your favour.

let me explain

It’s like a playing cards with handful of Aces.

Why Everyone’s In Love with Solo Ads

If you could spend $1 and make $2 back — how many dollars would you spend?

Everything you could get your hands on I bet.

That’s the best thing about Solo Advertising.

For every dollar you spend you can know exactly how much you will make in return. This is classic, direct response marketing because you can you test, track and monitor everything which means you can maximize your efficiency, your spending and your profitability.

You can track how many people clicked on the link in your Solo Ad.

You can track what percentage joined your list and how many buy your products.

You can put a dollar value on how much every visitor to your website costs and — more importantly — how much every visitor to your website is worth.

Imagine this:

You spend you spend $65 buying 100 clicks.

Now you know that every visitor to your website (that’s the number of people who click on the link inside your email advert) costs you $0.65.

If half those people join your list (50 people) then every new subscriber has cost you $1.30.

If 5% of those new subscribers buy your $27 product then you make $67.50.

Ok so you spent $65 and you made $67.50 back.

Now making a profit of $2.70 might not sound very sexy but you’ve covered your advertising costs and you’ve added 50 new people to your list. People you can continue to email and sell to until they die or unsubscribe from your newsletter.

You have built your list for free without wasting weeks and months trying free traffic sources that probably won’t work

With that said, if you are serious about growing your business and buying profitable solo ads, then you have to do you solo ad shopping the right way.

You can not be buying traffic from bad quality sources. You need to find the right sellers for your niche and who have a list of buyers and leads who are interested in the product you are promoting.

I have came up with this solo ad questionnaire that helped me find the best solo ad sellers and Want to share it with you today.

Click here to download your solo ad questionnaire.

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